about me

I’m Shari, but you may also know me as The Deputy Shariff.

Obviously, I am no real deputy of the law, but my nickname from childhood has followed me into my 30’s and for whatever reason — it has stuck. I currently work in an office which thankfully allows me ample time to come here and bust out my weekend adventures and edit pictures. Formally a bartender and a lover of staying busy, I’ve found that blogging has really helped me settle down in the “real world” and has given me something to do. More importantly, it keeps my mind occupied.

Through pictures and hitting the trails, I aim to provide a more in depth view of local parks in my home state of NC for the residents to enjoy and provide some motivation to get out there for themselves. And as I travel a lot and explore outside of my state, I will share and document those journey’s as well. As an avid hiker I hope to provide answers and insight to things many people have no idea about. It can range between a plethora of things but all relate to hiking, camping, and the obvious… BEING OUTSIDE.

As I have always enjoyed taking pictures and being outdoors, documenting the journey is new to me. I hope you can gain something from reading and more importantly, get outdoors yourself. I always welcome any feedback and love hearing other adventure stories so feel free to get a hold of me to give your thoughts.

I invite you to follow along and see what happens!

— Shari